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    Sherpa: We Care!

    Today's trouble: Too many things happenen too fast.

    We are here to help you understand and manage them.

    We can explain in simple English terms like «DHCP», «SIP», «XMPP» and whatever others you may encounter/ But normal person does not really need it.

    As a businessman he needs a simple answer: will this particular thing improve his business processes or not?Should he buy this program? A plain advice will save him money, efforts and lifetime in the end.

    The recent sales representative  may have drawn you a charming magical picture of some supreme solution, that is trouble free, self-repairing and so on and so far, but it will always be only a slice of the complete picture.  Really complete one can be shown by people who are testing and implementing that product. Who compare it with many other products (there are others, you know?).  Who understand nuts and bolts deep inside all of them.

    Will you refuse your best friend advice in front of a new fancy car with salesman around? Especially if the friend is a professional mechanic who repairs cars full time for living?

    We are people who tie together all these ends: Internet, Telephony, CRM, ERP,  full time and also understand businesses needs.

    Success of Your business is our goal and together we can do it!

    At Your Services
    Eugene Smirnov                               

  • tel. +7 (812) 309 51 38


    Sherpa - fulfills  Design, Built, Configuration an Customization IT-infrastructure of Yours.

    Want you IT infrastructure from a scratch? Or customize existent?

    You may rely on our expertize and our services. You may be sure, We will share with you all suffers and troubles, and leave success and glory for You!

    We've just makes a hardest part of a job.

    Results. We accepts only this criteria. 

    365x24x7 Hotline Customer Support

    SLA, OLA.

    Project Management.

    Sherpa: We Care.


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    Jazz Server

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    Smart Grid Server

    Server SmartGrid


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    IP Telephony Service

    IP telephony system

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    ☆ Voice Menu
    ☆ Short Num
    ☆ Find Me

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    Project Based System

    Project Based System

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    Private Cloud

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  • tel. +7 (812) 309 51 38

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  • tel. +7 (812) 309 51 38


  • tel. +7 (812) 309 51 38